Concore was built upon a group of innovators who has the passion to share the latest kitchen and bath technology in the market. We strive to provide a warm professional service to all our clients and treat them like part of our family. Hence Concore’s mission statement “Make Concore kitchen a part of your home”.

Our commitment is to provide quality products at a competitive price.

For the best customer experience, 
We would like to invite you to our 7,000 sq.ft. state of the art showroom, which showcase Concore’s signature product line in a full kitchen and bathroom display.

Our inhouse professional Designers are available to assist customers with their projects from start to end.

Come visit us today and be ready for the best renovation project experience!



Turn Your Design Dreams Into a Reality

 Make Concore kitchen a part of your home

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Every interaction is unique, it does not only introduce the person, it also tells a story, just like your home. 
A home is everyone’s centre, where the heart lies, and our goal is to create a sense of belonging by providing a full-service design centre. Acting as a bridge to connect home with the heart and because we value your comfort just as much as you do, we work hard to ensure our client’s dream project becomes a reality. 


Every project is important to us, no matter what size it may be.

Concore is a great believer in the idea of Home, we trust that regardless of any factor, home is a place that warms the heart. Therefore, instead of thinking only about the business, we focus on building a connection between you and your ideal space. 

Let’s Face It - Renovation can be stressful, as there are many things to consider. Concore is here to guide you through this process. 

Contact us today and “Make CONCORE kitchen a part of your home”.

Bringing Your Vision to Life



Renovation can be confusing, but we are here for you! The following are some easy steps for the renovation project with us



To plan a home renovation, we highly recommend to start with the kitchen as the kitchen is the one room in the house to have the most fixed location limitation, such as water pipe, power outlet, appliance, etc. Therefore, to make sure your renovation plan goes smoothly, it is very important to start planning with the kitchen! 

Come visit our showroom and have one of our inhouse Designer prepare a detail renovation plan for you! 



After a very long thinking process, it is finally time to put it into action! 

You are thinking about starting the renovation, but what to do now?

First things first, come to see us! 

Our inhouse Designers are well trained to deliver the best design and service, therefore, they will be able to provide you all the assistance you will need such as appliance recommendation, site limitation and solution; and most importantly the elegant kitchen design!



It is time to see your new kitchen at home! 
Just sit back and relax - We will take care of the kitchen for you!

Are you ready for a change? I’m happy to provide you with any information you need. Book a consultation and start your transformation today!

Bringing Your Vision to Life

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